• Wacker Neuson RTX-SC3
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    Wacker Neuson RTX-SC3 Trench Roller

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      The RT trench roller is ideally suited for the compaction of excavations and sub bases of foundations, roads and parking lots. The compaction of cohesive soils is the RT’s specialty. The sheepsfoot drums, together with the adjustable centrifugal force, achieve optimum results. Available in two different drum widths. The remote control system uses infrared technology for maximum safety: The machine is disabled as soon as the line of sight between operator and device is lost. The proximity recognition sensor stops the RT as soon as it moves within 2 m of the operator.

      A patented third infrared receiving eye on top of the Trench Roller provides permanent contact with the remote control even in the trench shoring.
      The base plate is completely maintenance free, because the drive system and exciter are provided with a permanent lubrication. That makes it most economical to run throughout its whole service life.
      The below the axle exciter in each drum allows for more efficient transfer of compaction energy to the soil for superior compaction results. In addition, the low position of the exciters improves the stability of the machine and lowers the risk of the device toppling over.
      The engine control module with diagnostic LEDs monitors machine functions such as oil pressure, radiator level, engine temperature, glow plug, battery and air filter capacity.
      RTx-SC3 – two rollers in one: The attachment drums allow for an easy change between 82 and 56cm. The mounting points are near the hub, protected against heavy pollution and deformation. Scraper bars in two different widths and blind screws for locking the threaded holes with a narrow operating width are included in the standard package.

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